Literature / 文学 

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LB01 Crossfire

Bestselling mystery writer.

ISBN 9784-770030689

Vikt: 490g.

価格: 122:-

LB02 A Hiroshima novel H

A remarkable and unsettling work

ISBN  4-770019475

Vikt: 195g.

価格: 144:-

LB03 The flower mat

ISBN 0-804811814

Vikt: 165g.

価格: 216:-

LB04 Doctor Manbo at sea

ISBN 4-061860291

Vikt: 185g.

価格: 88:-

LB05 A Deck of memories

ISBN 4-061860895

Vikt: 100g.

価格: 68:-

LB06 Two Japanese novelists Natsume soseki and Shimazaki toson

ISBN 4-80530734

Vikt: 195g.

価格: 176:-

LB07 Inside my glas doors

ISBN 0-804833125

Vikt: 185g.

価格: 195:-

LB08 Japan, The ambiguos and myself.

ISBN 4-770019807

Vikt: 275g.

価格: 217:-

LB09 Thehouse of Nire

ISBN 4-770015062

Vikt: 550g.

価格: 253:-

LB10 The paper door and other stories

ISBN 0-804818932

Vikt: 180g.

価格: 120:-

LB11 Beauty in disartay


ISBN 0-804818665

Vikt: 250g.

価格: 160:-

LB12 Darkness in summer


ISBN 0-804813752

Vikt: 200g.

価格: 90:-

LB13 An echo of heaven

ISBN 4-770019866

Vikt: 490g.

価格: 210:-

LB14 The gourmet club

ISBN 4-770026900

Vikt: 300g.

価格: 286:-

LB15 1Q84 del 1,2,3

ISBN 97891-13023083

Vikt: 750g.

価格: 277:-

LB16 Almost tramsparent blue


ISBN 4-770029047

Vikt: 195g.

価格: 140:-

LB17 The lake


ISBN 4-770030010

Vikt: 220g.

価格: 137:-

LB18 The Doctors wife


ISBN 4-770029748

Vikt: 265g.

価格: 177:-

LB19 Tun Huang


ISBN 4-770010869

Vikt: 185g.

価格: 175:-

LB20 Confessions of love


ISBN 0-804816514

Vikt: 170g.

価格: 130:-

LB21 Glass children and other essays

ISBN 4-770011083

Vikt: 165g.

価格: 180:-

LB22 Totto chan


ISBN 9784-770020673

Vikt: 185g.

価格: 121:-

LB23 Black rain


ISBN 9780-870113642

Vikt: 250g.

価格: 122:-

LB24 Den färglöse herr Tazaki

ISBN 9789-113055619

Vikt: 430g.

価格: 50:-

LB25 Sputnik älskling

ISBN 978-9113021331

Vikt: 160g.

価格: 57:-

LB26 Botchan

ISBN 9784-770030481

Vikt: 200g.

価格: 123:-

LB27 Shadow family


ISBN 9847-70030047

Vikt: 270g.

価格: 105:-

LB28 Breaking into Japaneseliterature

ISBN 4-770028997

Vikt: 315g.

価格: 216:-

LB28 Son of raw fish

ISBN 4-789000494

Vikt: 235g.

価格: 120:-

LB30 Areaders guide to Japnese literature


ISBN 4-770013965

Vikt: 315g.

価格: 432:-

LB31 The ronin

ISBN 0-804834148

Vikt: 180g.

価格: 177:-

LB33 The Haiku handbook

ISBN 9784-770031136

Vikt: 385g.

価格: 182:-

LB34 The healing spirit of Haiku

ISBN 9781-556435300

Vikt: 290g.

価格: 200:-

LB35 Three modern Kyogen

ISBN 804810389

Vikt: 130g.

価格: 90:-

LB35 Writing and enjoying Haiku

ISBN 9784-770028860

Vikt: 210g.

価格: 167:-